Applying for Annual Electricity Concession

What is the purpose behind the Annual Electricity Concession? It is to ease the pressures of cost of living which is a direct result of increases in price levels and inflationary trends on a country’s economy. In Australia, this electricity concession is aimed primarily at concession cardholders and is given by the state. The quantum of discount is pegged at 17.5% of household electricity bills after reducing all discounts and solar credits applicable on the bills. It is therefore not a reduction from the gross bill amount.

Any reputed electrician in Werribee will be able to offer guidance on the eligibility criteria for this concession. The person applying for it must have one of the following categories of cards – Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card and DVA Gold Card. There are some exceptions to this. Those who have a Heath Care Card for Carer Allowance and Foster Care in the child’s name are not eligible for this concession. So too are those that have a Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card stamped ‘Dependant’.

Households with total electricity bill amounts over $2,882 will need to apply for Excess Electricity Concession at the rate of 17.5% applicable over the stipulated amount. However this application criterion is waived for recipients of the Life Support Concession and/or the Medical Cooling Concession. They will get this concession as a matter of course and do not have to apply afresh for it.

For complete details of available concessions get advice from professional electricians in Melbourne or from the Internet by searching and downloading the Annual Electricity Concession fact sheet.

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