Applying for Tree Removal Permit

Remember the young sapling that your father so lovingly planted when he was young. Well, now it’s a huge old tree that is decaying and diseased. The roots have extended into water pipes and now much against your will you have to remove it. But it is much easier said than done and a lot of paperwork is necessary before you can go through with it.

The first step will be to approach your local council for a permit. If they are not authorised to do so they will direct you to the appropriate authorities. Most times, you’ll get details from the website of the council. Once you know where to apply for tree removal, an application has to be submitted along with the requisite fee. (For Sydney City Council, it is $48). Staff of the council will be sent to assess the tree in question and based on the report your application will be processed within three weeks.

For any specialised testing of the tree the expenses has to be borne by the tree’s owner. A professional arborist has to be present who will submit a report on the condition of the tree. Once a written determination is given by the council to the applicant, the notice has to be displayed in front of the property for at least two days prior to the removal. Any deviation in this procedure can lead to heavy fines.

A word of caution though – the arborist or company you contract not only to remove a tree but also for tree pruning should have the required public liability insurance. It is because most home insurance companies will not cover damage from falling trees or limbs apart from that caused by storms or high winds.

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