Ways to Promote Small Business Event

It is a myth that you need tons and tons of money to promote a business event. If this was so, small businesses would be wiped off the publicity and promotion blitz map. If you can plan a small business promotion event with great thought and leverage your existing strengths you can organise a memorable event any time without breaking your bank.

Here are a few tips to promote a small business event.

  • Digital World – Use this medium to spread the word quickly and effectively. Put the date, time and place of the event on social media and better still, create a Facebook event. Take a photo of the printed invitation and put it on Instagram or Pinterest and use such Twitter tools as TweetMyEvents or TweetVite. Emails with attached status updates and website banners are also helpful to get the message across to a large captive group of customers. There can be nothing better than this personaised approach.
  • Traditional Methods – It should be kept in mind that not everybody is active on social media. For them traditional methods of placing ads in newspapers and television channels will maximise promotion of the small business event. Opt for local media to keep costs low. Press releases through a few journalist friends can work wonders. Since small businesses are usually restricted in their area of operation it will pay to involve the local community. Team up with a non-profit organisation to draw existing and new customers. Or better still join forces with a charity that comes closest to your business profile.

Your small business promotion event might not generate substantial sales on the day of the event. But make it memorable so that those who attended it will turn to you in future when they need similar products and services that you have on offer.

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