Follow Electricity Laws and Regulations While Wiring a New House

Wiring a new home is an intricate process and activity best left to experts in this field. It should also be ensured that such work should only be entrusted to licensed, insured and fully bonded electrical contractors that have years of experience behind them. New wiring is not a one-off activity. Calculations have to be made of the present expected load with provisions for future expansion to the house and addition of new equipment and appliances. Application for permission and sanction that have to be taken for wiring from the regulatory bodies must have these particulars in detail.

The laws and regulations governing new wiring in Australia are very strict. This is because mal functioning electrical equipment like safety switches and circuit breakers and faulty wiring can have disastrous consequences, even leading to loss of life and property from electrical fires. When electricians in Melbourne or for that matter anywhere in the country take up new wiring, they have to comply and work within stringently laid down parameters.

The latest edition of the rules governing wiring as laid down in the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007) was released in November 2007. Subsequent amendments were made to this set in July 2009 and December 2012. This volume focuses on all issues related to built-in safeguards in the wiring network and electrical installations.

There are two parts to these guidelines. The first is related to basic safety principles and details out the approach to follow while leaving room to allow flexibility in design. The second part lays down specifications that have to be addressed while complying with the safety principles given in Part I. Hence, there is a counter check for wiring work carried out by an electrician.

Some key changes have been made to the wiring rules. The areas included are protection against arcing faults, strengthening measures to prevent spread of fires, requirements for discrimination between circuits and establishing increased need for recessed luminaries. The rule book also has an easy to follow index and additional appendices, illustrations and supporting information.

The rules for electricians while taking up new wiring is therefore simplified to a great extent in an easy-to-understand format and should be scrupulously followed in every respect. This ensures that the life of you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

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