Modified Course Content for Care Workers

In recent times, there has been widespread debate on the structure of qualifications for aged care workers in Australia. However, new regulations have been put in place that has somewhat rationalised the two basic qualifications necessary to practise in these specific settings. The existing system separately had the Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate III in Home and Community Care and Certificate III in Disability. These have been replaced by the Certificate III in Individual Support. A student is required to complete this course that imparts training on a common group of core subjects. Once it is over, the choice is then on specialising on any two areas from ageing, home and community and disability.

These changes in the original structure of the Certificate III in aged care online were initiated by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC). There is also a requirement of 120 hours of work requirement. This many feel might be difficult to meet as the onus and bulk of providing the quantum of training will fall on residential aged care service providers who will be hard pressed to meet the demand.

As part of the ongoing review on Certificate III, the same goals and objectives were also formulated for Certificate IV in aged care online. The Certificate IV in Home and Community Care and Certificate IV in Aged Care have also been clubbed into Certificate IV in Ageing Support. Here too, students have to complete the 120 hour workplace requirement either in real life situations or in simulated environments.

It is expected that these changes will merge synergies of different streams into one and the quantified practical training hours will result in greater competencies due to extended clinical experience.

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