Internet Marketing – Online Advertising Law

Advertising is a two way communication between a supplier of goods and services who lays out details of products and services and the customer who makes a considered opinion based on what is placed before him. Hence the onus is on the supplier to ensure that the content he provides is accurate and reflects the truth only.

But it is always not the case and Governments of different companies have laws to protect the consumer from unfair advertising practices. For example, in Australia there is the Commonwealth Trade Practices and the Fair Trading Acts of various states. However, the Internet has taken advertising beyond national boundaries and satellite television has opened up a huge market. Therefore relevant advertising laws depend on the laws of that country.

Today’s marketing campaigns have gone beyond the traditional and are now Internet driven online digital based marketing and advertising. Thus there is a global audience now for any publicity strategy and laws are being worked out for this new medium. But for the present the laws prevailing at present for advertising morality holds good.

It is for this reason that any SEO company in Melbourne devising online digital marketing campaigns have to follow ethical advertising practices as per the laws of the land. Due to the international nature of transactions common today the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has increasingly been dealing with complaints about products from other countries where consumers have been misled by untruth advertising. It is therefore necessary that online marketing and advertising companies set benchmarks of honesty for themselves.